Monday, September 17, 2012

My Dad

My husband is an awesome dad. He always comes home from work and plays with the kids and he always reads them stories and puts them to bed, the things I do not love doing so much. He has a few girlies here that thinks he is AMAZING. And little girls never stop thinking that about their dads.... I was so excited that my dad was going to be here to spend Father's Day with me, because I do still think my dad is amazing. In fact I don't just think it, I KNOW it.
We took him letterboxing for his first time and we had a blast. We went looking for a set of 6 that were called "Glee", finding about 4 of them and ending up with 2 ticks in my leg and 1 in Jesse's. (Athough none were found for about 5 days!) Taking us a few hours, without water in the heat and humidity of Southern Indiana. Awesome.
I am so lucky to have great guys in my life, LOVE LOVE LOVE my dad, my husband, my father in law, my brother, and my brother in laws. They might just be the best dads ever!


Ani turned 7 this summer. She had an early birthday here with dad and then her real birthday in Utah. Lucky girl.
Aniston is such a fun loving girl. She is so helpful and caring. She has been such a good big sister to Joss and now Milo. Her and Joss have been best friends for 4 years now and I hope they continue to have such a great relationship. She did awesome in Kindergarten last year and cant wait to read chapter books, lose teeth, and score lots of goals in soccer. This girl is as stubborn as her mom and dad, so it can be a big battle at times. But after a cool down time she jumps right back to being that sweet girl we all love.

Best Mothers Day

This mother's day was probably one of my best. We went out letter boxing for the first time. We have a few around our town so we started with those. We ended up finding one at Boner Bridge, one on The Ohio River, and could not find two others. And Jesse also did get poison ivy on his leg that took 2 rounds of antibiotics and 3 months to get rid of! We also went on a picnic and found a fun tree swing. Only thing missing was a teen who hated the idea of letterboxing, oh well maybe next time!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Birthday Girl

Joss was counting down days so excited for #4 to FINALLY come.
I think Ani loves the Calico Critter dollhouse just as much as Jossy!!
Always have to have breakfast crepes, yum
Birthday girl wanted icecream and broccoli for her dessert. Awesome and easy.
Ears pierced for both girls was a big deal around here, Joss wanted some earrings cause her friend had some and big sister has to get it done if little sister is being tougher. But they were both tough and no tears!
Joss is such an awesome kid. She and I have so much fun together. She is funny and thoughtful, happy and bossy, crazy and silly, snuggly and independent. I am so glad to have this little lady in my life and love that we get to spend forever together.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Random Things

Jesse took Ry out driving for the first time. She did pretty well, even though she ended up in a ditch:)

Aves last performance with Sounds of Paradise and she received the Presidential Academic award, two years in a row.

Last day of school icecream

Fourth Month

MILO Weight: 14pounds 12 ounces (50%) Height: 25 inches (80%) ~Is eating rice cereal and loving it! He eats half a cup every night. He says Mmmm Mmmmm as I feed him ~Has rolled over from back to belly a few times. ~Is the most chatty little guy- must thinks he is one of the girls. ~Sleeps until 5:00 a.m, wakes to eat, goes back to sleep until 10a.m.! Amazing sleeper ~Smiles and laughs but you really have to work for them, he is a mellow dude. ~Crying. Whats that? This boy never cries, he just kicks his legs and makes noises. ~Can almost hold his own bottle. Another month maybe? ~Is already in 6-9 month clothes, so sad putting away the newborn stuff ~Can hold things now and loves to play with toys. ~And is seriously just so stinking cute!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


The Doctor had a conference in Chicago this month so we pawned the girls off with friends, loaded up the car and the boy and left for a 6 hour drive, 3 day adventure. First of all I have to say I am so grateful to have good friends that help us out so we can do things like this. They are awesome- even when my six year old pukes, I know they are in good hands. Thanks Ladies! We did not really have plans, Jesse could kind of choose when he wanted to come and go. So we ate Chicao style pizza, slept in, went shopping, ate out, went to the dome, went to Navy Pier, visited my cousin, his wife and their little boy. Went on a few unnecessary train, bus and subway rides taking up ALL of our saturday, laughed at a drunk lady on train that loved our baby, went through the ghetto on foot-scarey, and found time to just relax and enjoy my boys!