Monday, September 17, 2012

My Dad

My husband is an awesome dad. He always comes home from work and plays with the kids and he always reads them stories and puts them to bed, the things I do not love doing so much. He has a few girlies here that thinks he is AMAZING. And little girls never stop thinking that about their dads.... I was so excited that my dad was going to be here to spend Father's Day with me, because I do still think my dad is amazing. In fact I don't just think it, I KNOW it.
We took him letterboxing for his first time and we had a blast. We went looking for a set of 6 that were called "Glee", finding about 4 of them and ending up with 2 ticks in my leg and 1 in Jesse's. (Athough none were found for about 5 days!) Taking us a few hours, without water in the heat and humidity of Southern Indiana. Awesome.
I am so lucky to have great guys in my life, LOVE LOVE LOVE my dad, my husband, my father in law, my brother, and my brother in laws. They might just be the best dads ever!

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